I teach undergraduate & graduate students in the Department of Communication at Loyola University Maryland. 

  • Intro to Multimedia
  • Graphic Design I & II
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation for Infographics

Image: Type specimen assignment, Maya Bond, Spring 2016. Graphics II

Graphics II

Book Cover Design

Students reinterpret book cover designs.

Students featured: Maggie Powell, Natalia Melendez, Julia Joseph, Becky Dellinger, Kate Spence

Infographic Project

Students consider how a designer might showcase data in an engaging way.

Students featured:
Chris Singlemann, Natalia Melendez, Danielle Politi, Lauren Anvezino, Taylor Caldwell, Olivia Airhart

Packaging Project
Students redesign packaging and consider how to apply principles of design products and 3d surfaces
Students featured:
Dana Politi, Chris Singlemann, Katie Saada, Taylor Caldwell

Graphics I

Animal Assignment 

Students learn how to use the shape and pathfinder tools in Adobe Illustrator by recreating animals using basic shapes. 

Students featured: 
Beatrice Mills, Elena Damon, Halli Potters, Alyssa Villani, Nicole Como, Paul Volante, Anthony Iacarussi

Poster Project

Students design event posters and learn about hierarchy and layout principles.  

Web I

Text Project

Students learn to code with HTML5 and CSS3 and create websites about influential text.

Research Interests:

Design for Good

Collaborating with a community organizer and a staff member from the university’s community service center, student interns worked on brand identities for two neighborhood associations. Recruiting new members and increasing member participation were emphasized as goals for the projects.

The undergraduate students were paid staff interns who typically work on promotional materials for the center. To prepare for their work, they undergo intensive social justice and racial justice training throughout the year. The students toured the neighborhoods, interviewed stakeholders and researched ideas for their respective neighborhood associations.

The process was mutually beneficial: the community associations were welcomed onto campus and introduced to new resources available to them, and students were able to experience pitching to a real client and the challenges and opportunities that come with working collaboratively. The work our students created helped our partners promote their respective organizations and compete for grant funding often awarded to more established  neighborhood associations.

Image: top: process photos and students pitching their final work to the Woodbourne McCabe neighborhood association. bottom:  Spring 2016

2015 Student Team

Project Manager:
Brian Yang

Elena Latini
Nicole Fornabaio

Baltimore, MD 2017